Fraser Motor Group presents OPUS Campers

Established in 1955, Fraser Motor Group has steadily grown to become Australia’s Premier Dealerships for Campers, Caravans, Motorcycles and Cars. Passion is at the heart of our success.

As well as a drive to provide our customers opportunities to access the latest models, a wide selection of apparel and the benefits of a huge range of parts and accessories.

At Fraser Motor Group we live the lifestyle just as you do and co-ordinate many different events for our customers and enthusiasts alike. We pride ourselves in the involvement with our community, taking part in demo days, cruises and track days all over the country.

Now we bring to you a new brand of camper that we know will take you to places you've never been in a way you've never been there before - OPUS Campers.


Global Leader in the Caravan and RV Industry

The OPUS team started in 2011 in Melbourne, quickly establishing itself as a key supplier of products for the Australian RV industry. OPUS make awesome camper trailers and hybrid caravans, lots of them!

To make adventures effortless so that our customers can create priceless memories.

Our design principles are to make stylish, desirable products that are so easy to use and ergonomic that people will want to use them all the time, to get out into nature and enjoy the good life.